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Acknowledging the past, embracing the future.

18fifty3 GAP Resource Management is a Canberra-based, Indigenous-owned and operated Australian HR and Recruitment firm.

We provide services to Federal, State and Territory Government Departments and agencies, as well as a broad range of industry clients across the Building, Construction, Property, Information Technology and Healthcare sectors.

While we respect every culture and heritage, we love helping clients looking to recruit job-ready Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, and to assist Indigenous peoples to find meaningful employment. Leading our Indigenous engagement is Recruitment and Relationship Manager, Casey Allen, a proud Indigenous woman from the Tharawal Nation of south-western Sydney.

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Meeting of Minds

18fifty3 GAP Resource Management is a collaboration between two long-time friends: 18fifty3 Group CEO John Sayers, a proud Yuin Nation from the NSW South Coast, and Bronwyn Archer-Dawson, Director of Canberra-based HR and Recruitment management firm, GAP Resource Management. Whenever John needed personnel for his various business projects, he turned to Bronwyn and co-Directors Douglas Grierson and Andrew Dawson, three of the ACT’s most experienced and respected HR and Recruitment professionals.

As an Australian, New Zealand and Asia based resource and recruitment consultancy with an extensive and successful track record in the industry, 18fifty3 GAP Resource Management offers an established capability to provide a comprehensive and complex recruitment and resource management service to a range of clients within the Government (Commonwealth, State and Territory), construction, property, not for profit, higher education, health and industry sectors. 18fifty3 GAP Resource Management’s values respect the boundaries of diversity and believe in ‘a fair go’ for all.

With the growth of 18fifty3 Group from civil and construction into Aviation, Environmental Management and Information Technology it was logical to choose Bronwyn, Douglas and Andrew to lead 18fifty3 GAP Resource Management.

Shared Vision

18fifty3 GAP Resource Management share a vision of an inclusive Australia. We are passionate about helping Close the Gap through programs that assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to receive the professional assistance and resources that will enable them to take advantage of employment opportunities.

Our mission is to deliver targeted, boutique-style HR and Recruitment support services and continue to foster the enduring relationships that our Government and Industry clients throughout Australia have come to expect from the GAP team.

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